Friday, 9 January 2015

Cartimandua's new T-shirt collection /

Hello Fellow Pillow Fighter,

Are you a keen pillow fighter? Have you seen our fabulously stylish new pillow fight T-shirts yet? We have a new range with funny pillow fight slogans and with special art work design to help you look fabulously prepared at your pillow fight event.

Here comes one of our featured T-shirts, which we have already received lots of positive comments about. Lovely 100% cotton material, comes in white colour and a variety of sizes.
Cartimandua's pillow fight T-shirt

All for one, one for all. Perfect if you are looking for a unique pillow fight design T-shirt. 

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Happy pillow fights!


Thursday, 8 January 2015

Top Tips for pillow fight lovers

Here comes few useful top tips for fellow pillow fight lovers:
1) Cheap pillows can scratch without a pillow case so please bring one along.
2) Just because its a pillow doesn't mean you cant hurt folk.
3) Do not hit anyone with a camera, they are our friends!
4) If someone's got a hard, heavy pillow, please tell them! or they will happily carry on swinging obliviously upsetting everyone around them.
5) Take your pillow away with you (I normally give mine to the homeless on the way home).
6) Smile and have fun - today is all about positivity!


Join the international pillow fight in Amsterdam

Amsterdam... the perfect location to celebrate this year's international pillow fight day on 4th April 2015! Put the date in the diary, get some cheap flight tickets and enjoy some pillow fights full of laughter and fun (and make some lovely friends too). Find them also on Facebook HERE.

P.S. Don't forget to get some fun T-shirts to look stylish and fabulously prepared:)


Pillow fight world record

Did you know that students at the University of California established a new Guinness world record at pillow fighting end of last year, 2014? 

From the video it seems tremendous fun, great for releasing exam/ study tension and full of laughter. Nearly 5000 students had loads of fun and seemed to have established a new ritual on campus. I wonder how many other universities will follow?

Well done University of California for setting the record and spreading the word about fun pillow fighting!

Cartimandua Team

P.S. Do take a look at our stylish new range of T-shirts, specifically launched for the upcoming 4th April 2015 international pillow fights. We have been receiving lots of positive feedback about how cool they are:)

Have you heard of the upcoming 2015 Pillow Fighting events?

Hello Fellow Pillow Fighter,

How exciting! International Pillow fighting day is taking place all around the globe on 4th April 2015. Have you put the date in your diary yet? There should be a friendly and fun pillow fight event in most major cities. So prepare your pillows, get your stylish T-shirts (we have some real good ones in our catalog!) and prepare for lots of fun, frolics and laughter. Bring your friends and family too and share the love (sorry, meant to say the pillows)!

We will post here further event details once they are confirmed! In the meantime, happy practicing!

The Cartimandua team